Making Kids Do Chores – Teaching the How and the Heart of Chores


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Do your kids do chores? I’ve had my kids doing chores since they were one! I even got my son a broom set for his first birthday, ha ha. Granted, he’s totally a neat freak by nature so nurturing a child who is already inclined to clean is much easier. But part of our family motto is doing things “as a team” (post on our family mission statement coming) so I had intended from the start to nurture/to teach the heart behind chores from the beginning.

There was recently an article circulating on fb, “Science Says Parents of Successful Kids Have These Things in Common” – #1…THEY MAKE THEIR KIDS DO CHORES! Continue reading


Chore Day: Make a List and Be Successful


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This past week, my girlfriend and I were discussing the topic of a clean home as she struggles through a mama’s frustrated heart towards an ever messy home. I’ve found my groove with chore day and I’d like to share with you, but before I dive in, I think its very important for you to know I have not  always rocked chore day. Continue reading

We Planted a Tree – Dealing Post Miscarriage



Not sure how many days its been now since we lost our baby, almost 2 weeks. I’m practically done bleeding, the pain stopped last week, and I’ve only had a few cry sessions. And I even saw pregnant moms, held babies, and spoke to friends who were completely unaware- I survived. 

It’s weird, I don’t feel grief – well not anymore, I guess. My close childhood friend came over to console me a couple of days after it happened, she lost her dad suddenly a year and half ago, and she came to share in my loss. Continue reading

Thoughts on Church – Why aren’t Millennials Going to Church?


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This week, an article has been circulating on Facebook, “59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out – And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why”. I like the article… mostly. The article goes through 12 areas the church is failing and offers good solutions that church leaders could heed to. However! While I do agree the church is dropping the ball with us “millennials”- the article fails to accept ANY responsibility for “our” lack of spirituality. Continue reading

“You’re the Worst Mom, EVER” – Giving Your Kids Words to Use


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Yup, each of us reached the end of our rope yesterday. I made a list 20 items too ambitious. Dad got a little disoriented when reality set back in. And my kids, both feeling neglected for a week, we’re off. The whole family had a hard time adjusting to Mom being back – which meant duties, chores, budgets, responsibilities, and rules were now back in place. And leave it to me to hit the ground running!

It was bad. Me and Dad fought about Continue reading

Day 8: Post Miscarriage 


It’s been 8 days since I lost my baby, longer since I’ve been out of the house. I’ve been pain-free for 3 days, and the bleeding has lessened. Yesterday was a catch-up day: chores, tax stuff, accounting for our businesses.

It was a rough day.

My hormones are still out of wack, my kids are desperately wanting/needing my attention, and my husband is exhausted (and would kill for a lazy day on the couch). Continue reading

Day 2 & 3: Devotional Reading – Starting a Spiritual Discipline 


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As I began the steps…(did I mention I love steps? I speak a linear language.) As I began my steps it dawned on me, step 2: Read Scripture, is eventually going to be applied to reading other passages beyond the 3 verses she’s given me as prompters. Glad I figured that one out!

Finally made it through my chapter of Devotional Reading, winning! Continue reading

How to be there for someone who just had a Miscarriage 



Hi, I lost my baby 5 days ago and as I’m sitting here in bed recovering I keep thinking about all my friends who have been here to support me this week. I’m so blessed to have them and they truly have been a lifesaver for our family. But a few of them have asked, “how can we help?” And I’m sure if this is your first time having a miscarriage or you’re watching someone go through it it can be confusing to know what is actually helpful.

Here are some very practical ways to help and show love: Continue reading

Day 5: Post Misscarriage 


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I think emotionally I’m doing ok. I don’t understand it all, but I’ve always been ok with knowing that “His ways are higher than our ways.” He meant for things of our life to be outside of our understanding, I get that.

I see Him working so that is comforting. He uses events both joyfilled and sorrowful to draw us in to Him, and I feel that. That’s what I have to hold onto. Continue reading

Day 1: Devotional Reading – Starting a Spiritual Discipline 


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Did I mention I am having a really difficult time?! It’s been 3 hours since I started my 20 minute time… ugh, I suck! I’ve only been distracted by my phone 50 umpteen times: texts, Facebook, Instagram – I have a problem. I need to lay some ground rules!

Ok here we go, step… Continue reading