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Did I mention I am having a really difficult time?! It’s been 3 hours since I started my 20 minute time… ugh, I suck! I’ve only been distracted by my phone 50 umpteen times: texts, Facebook, Instagram – I have a problem. I need to lay some ground rules!

Ok here we go, step…

1. Set aside time, at least 20 min.

I have all the alone time I could ever ask for, check.

2. Pray, ask for help. Read the scriptures. Pray for the “desire” to be fulfilled.

Dear God,
Again, please be before me, lead me, guide me. I desire to know you more, I want to be in your company, I’m here. Help me.

I wrote out the scriptures and the desire so I can put it up as a daily reminder – maybe I’ll eventually have them memorized? And I feel like these verses are perfect for me in this stage.

3. Read the chapter, go slow, take all rabbit trails. Go through questions and exercises.

Today, I did not get as far as I planned, but I had a breakthrough and I’ll take that over “finishing”. Just in reading the first page (which is all I read), I discovered “lectio divinia“. It’s a way of reading God’s Word and hearing it, let it linger, and nourish you for what it is. Don’t analyze it or dissect it – actually read it aloud and listen, let it be audible, not just words to study. Let it be words that speak to you.

So I went back and read the scriptures out loud multiple times. I don’t know how else to explain it except for, they came to life. As if speaking the words gave them life.

4. Take 5 minutes to respond in prayer.


Turn my heart toward Your law. Bring me to a place where I love and meditate on it all day. I want Your law/statutes is what will be there in my life forever.

I long for Your living and active Word to penetrate my soul and spirit.

I desire for Your word to be in my mouth and heart so I may OBEY it.

Thank you for meeting me like I asked. You are a faithful God.

5. Claim your time with one word you can meditate on throughout the day.


6. Offer yourself to God for this day.