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Super enjoyable and easy to write lengthy blog posts when you’re bed ridden, waited on hand and foot, and free from your typical mom duties. We’ll see how this pans out over the year?

So, my crotch feels like the game, break the ice. Any fart, pressure, movement, or stored up pee might make the bottom fall out. At least that’s what it feels like.

… lets be real, pooping sucks. And I bleed every time I move.

Also, I’ve realized mornings I’m much more prone to cramping. Not sure if it’s because I’m motionless all night and then trying to move makes my body angry? But taking it easy this morning.

The first two days I had an appetite, despite the grief, call it emotional eating. Yesterday I had to force myself to eat. It’s prob the dehydration and loss of blood effecting me. Even today it’s hard. And when I do force feed I’m trying to choose good-for-me foods which is difficult when you have a fridge full of gifted chocolate and buttery delicacies. Mmmm. But high protein foods, salads with egg and meat, meat, beans, veggies, smoothies, and water. Also, trying to keep up with my prenatal, omegas, and might try iron today to see if that helps.

My outpost is complete with 6 pillows, ac, jug of water, chap stick, deodorant, a sweet keepsake, drawings and lego creations from my kids, flowers, phone, computer, book, bible, pencil, and my cozy bed. Mandatory uniform: sports bra, granny panties with bulky pad, and messy bun. Call ahead should you come over so I can dig into my heap of unfolded, but clean, laundry overtaking my room and throw something on.