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Earlier this morning I laid out the logistics of how I arrived here, today… I’m beginning the spiritual discipline of Devotional Reading.

Here I am, bible, pencil, virtual journal, and book. I am rea… ugh, why is it so hard to dive in?! My heels are digging deep, my resistance is strong, I have no umph to fan this tiny ember.

Dear God,

Please be before me, lead me, guide me. I desire to know you more, but…

I want to be in your company, I’m here. Help me.

I appreciate that the author of this book continues to hold my hand as I feel so anti and aimless trying to force this practice. But I do believe obedience will lead to “unforced rhythms of grace,” like the she assures. Here’s how to walk through this:

  1. Set aside time, at least 20 min
  2. Pray, ask for help. Read the scriptures. Pray for the “desire” to be fulfilled.
  3. Read the chapter, go slow, take all rabbit trails. Go through questions and exercises. (Obviously each time you do this it’ll look different, and you may not get to everything)
  4. Take 5 minutes to respond in prayer.
  5. Claim your time with one word you can meditate on throughout the day.
  6. Offer yourself to God for this day.

Here’s how day 1 went for me… (post coming)