It’s been 8 days since I lost my baby, longer since I’ve been out of the house. I’ve been pain-free for 3 days, and the bleeding has lessened. Yesterday was a catch-up day: chores, tax stuff, accounting for our businesses.

It was a rough day.

My hormones are still out of wack, my kids are desperately wanting/needing my attention, and my husband is exhausted (and would kill for a lazy day on the couch). But after 3 weeks of grandparents in town, then down for 8 days recuperating from a miscarriage, and one day of chaotic life playing catch-up. Today, I called for an easy outing. So me and my Valentines had lunch on the beach.

Side note: I keep having phantom feelings of the gestational sac falling out of me again. Clearly it was traumatic! I hate that I fear this, that I am constantly thinking it’s happening again. Breathe… I guess this is part of the healing and processing this all.