Entry Categories

Hopefully by the end of this year long commitment there will be a slew of journal entries into these category files. I hope, at the very least, God can inspire, challenge, prod at one area of your life in the tender way He does.

     Spiritual Disciplines – the main focus of this journey.

     Self – I’m sure there’s to be a lot of self reflection, and wrestling going on here.

     Marriage – We choose love, it’s hard and messy at times, but we’re best friends learning and growing together.

     Parenting – I like to consider myself a student and teacher of raising children.

     God – He’s vast and I’m just scratching the surface.

     Relationships – wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, human, woman, child of God.

     Homemaking – the journey, lessons, humility, and successes to mastering the art of making home.

     Miscarriage – I want to process this out loud, I found in my journey there wasn’t enough about losing a baby I could read to comfort me.